When Mariachis and Myspace Collide

Back in 2005 something great happened when a website called MYSPACE was born took over the internet. It took us by storm we were on myspace 24/7 a place where you can put images of your fun times and stay connected with friends and family..i place where music could be heard around the world by thousands of people from the world.. Music was one of the best ways of getting in touch with the right people. A llittle mariachi band from Houston Texas was a greta example of what was possible back when myspace was so popular. Houston Tx Mariachis was the best group myspace could of represented. but with Facebook on the rise myspace had no chance of competing with the online monster

And a many tears later, fast forward to 2016 we can see the reactions of my people who weren’t even born see what myspace was all about.

the video below shows your reactions the the old myspace.. and you welcome for the laughs..lol check it out!


Why It Is Useful To Avail The Services Of Tree Companies


There are various types of plantations, and you can choose to grow trees of various types, including palm trees, citrus, and fruit trees to shady trees and fast growing shades trees. You can grow all these types of trees through the use of fertilizers, such as soil and water conditioners, moon dust, super palm juice and other supplements.

However, before planting any type of tree, it is important to take various aspects into consideration, including your area of location, the type of trees that can be grown, and the probable risk of diseases that the plantation can carry.

Arborist can be highly helpful to you in determining the types of trees that can go well in your location, and also suggest the variety of trees that you can grow to add beauty to your backgrounds.

What can be the Possible Losses?

Growing trees without careful attention can cause you losses. For instance, plantation of silver maples is common in the eastern United States, but this practice is highly risky. The roots of the trees do not penetrate deep into the soil, and during the natural calamities, they are likely to break and damage the sidewalks, patios and driveways, if grown near a residence.

The growth of trees is extremely is important for you, especially when you are doing it on a commercial scale. Hence, choosing the right tree service is a crucial aspect to consider. A tree service is a job of great deal. In order to cater to your trees, gardens and lawns needs, and avoid any possible damages to your lawn, you should pick a well-qualified arborist.

Do you know what damages unwanted tree plantation can bring to you and your home? It can cause damages to the very basic foundations of your homes, by soaking up the water around your home, causing the soil to dry out.

What Services Does A Tree Company Offer?

A tree service company trims, cuts, preserves, and removes the trees.

Growth of unneeded trees can be harmful. Hence, services of the professionals are highly useful to avoid the loss. A good tree service company can help you to reduce all the possible risks to the property as well as to the property owner.

How is the Like Planting Trees in Katy?

Katy is a city in Texas that lies within the Sugarland metropolitan, Houston and Baytown area. It falls within the vicinity of Fort Bend, Waller and Harris counties. It is located at East of Houston, Texas. The land coverage area of the city is 10.7 square miles. It has diverse beautiful farms, and oak trees.

How Can The Tree Services Be Useful To You?

Tree service in Katy or any other city can help you to maintain, diagnose, treat, cure, plant and fertilize shrub or a tree correctly. The tree services provide the commercial and residential customers with tree cutting and other related services. The professionals identify aspects of tree plantation, help the trees to grow and suggest ways that can foster their sustainability.

The tree care and the services required to carry out the process determines the cost of the service. Tree service in Katy or any other city in the US can vary from $ 100 to above.

Music and MySpace Layout Tool

downloadGary Walbert has always dreamt of changing the world with his passion in music. He creates songs during his free time and puts melodies as if there’s an orchestra around him. He hums and waves his hands like he’s playing for the Urban Soul Orchestra Event.This is the typical Gary until he goes to his most unappreciated day job.
With different colors in and out of tall buildings in London, Gary paints walls. Sometimes he also paints the house walls of his customers who admire his fine work and tenacity to paint even in soaring heights of London Business Center.

Almost every night, Gary hangs out with his friends in music bars wandering off to music wonderland where he and his songs are heard all over the place. Until his attention was caught by a singer chanting a soft hymn called “Vivid Colors”. In his sight, Gary saw an orchestra surrounding her, playing with complete instruments, accompanying the theme of that song.
And so, the musician in him sought for the singer who awakened a dream that he always had. “Vivid Colors” is a song of breaking through walls of life to reveal a gift found in the inside. It resonated with his soul and now he couldn’t let time pass.
Gary thought of creating a music video with the singer. He thought of playing the song with an amateur orchestra he formed from around the street he lives in. It was a beautiful and soulful performance.
When the video was done, he decided to share it with other music artists through a myspace site. He used myspace layout tool to put up all the pieces together (just like a roofer would do when building a roof, piece by piece) about his new band and songs. His band members were so happy to see the design and tricks they can do on the webpage because of myspace layout tool. It was very cool.
They found out that myspace layout tool can even allow them to create stunning band and personal profiles. It was great for attracting other musicians to connect with their band, and who knows if there are recording companies who may be interested too.


They became very excited of the opportunities the tool could bring to their music. They liked the idea that they will be able to reach out to music and art lovers, and share their interests.

With all excitement, Gary explored myspace layout tool. Together, he and his new friends built a lively site. And it all started there. He realized the vision he sees everyday before he goes to his painting job has come true.

Welcome Guys

Hey guys welcome to my new website called Myspace Layout tool we go in to world of information how it was back when myspace what the king of social network. this a website that will show you show much information on different kinds of tools we use on a daily basis. from tools we use in the kitchen to tools we use for mariachis bands like a guitar..

Although man tools we use offline we have tools we use online as well to help us better out work online. Like my friend Fernando who owns his very own Mariachis in Houston Tx, would say, there’s plenty of tools to use in the world just pick the perfect one for you and perfect it and you will be on your way!

You see guys its not about what tools you use its about how you use them and how they can help you better your situation, so with that said. i hope you guys like my blog and hopefully i can be adding content on a weekly.

For a bonus here’s my buddies band planning at a quinceneras, hope you enjoy!